March 13, 2016: The Trade Winds have faded and that means great weather this week.

Cold air from the north brings clouds to most of the Canary Islands today and tomorrow. They will clear up during Wednesday and it looks like warm, African air will take over towards the weekend.

04.03.2016: The dust that covered Gran Canaria over the last couple of days has now blown away and the Trade Winds are back but not strong. 

The last of the cloud and rain that affected north Gran Canaria over the weekend will fade by midday on Tuesday. The rest of the week will be warm and sunny all over the island. 

26.02.2016: A weak weather front will bring heavy cloud and rain to north Gran Canaria this weekend, but the resorts will be almost unscathed.

FEBRUARY 21, 2016: With the Gran Canaria highlands still covered in snow, it might seem silly to say that the recent patch of winter weather is over, but the forecast for this week is for sunshine in south Gran Canaria.

FEBRUARY 19, 2016: The cold, rain and clouds are due to remain over Gran Canaria until at east Sunday due to a low pressure to the east of the islands.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 10:06

Gran Canaria Weather: Big Tuna To Bring Snow?

GRAN CANARIA WEATHER UPDATE 16/02/2016: The wind and waves start to fade today before a steep drop in temperature on Thursday, and the possibility of a Big Tuna event this weekend.

Sunday, 14 February 2016 18:32

Gran Canaria On Wind & Wave Alert

WEATHER FORECAST FOR THE WEEK STARTING FEBRUARY 15, 2016: Gran Canaria is on alert for strong wind and waves on Monday and Tuesday. Clouds and rain are forecast for the north of the island. The south will be windy but could well be sunny.

Thursday, 11 February 2016 16:51

Gran Canaria Weather: Winter Is Coming (Just)

Forecast for week starting February 11, 2016: After months of almost constant sunshine and the hottest January for 55 years it finally looks like Gran Canaria is to get a blast of winter.

The hottest place in Gran Canaria this weekend was the El Berriel caravan where a chip pan fire destroyed six caravans and caused gas bottles to explode.

FEBRUARY 2016, WEEK ONE: The rain forecast for last weekend hardly showed up in Gran Canaria and this week will be mostly sunny. 

Warm, sunny weather dominates the forecast for the last week of January 2016, although there will be dust on Monday and Tuesday.

The sunshine continues in Gran Canaria this weekend, although the wind changes on Saturday afternoon and we could have a blowy and dusty Sunday.

With temperatures as high as 29ºC in south Gran Canaria yesterday, winter just hasn't turned up yet in Gran Canaria.

The low-pressure system north-west of the Canary Islands has now officially become subtropical storm Alex. Fortunately it has gone north of the Canary Islands but is now bearing down on the Azores.

Internet and social media reports about a hurricane heading towards the Canary Islands are nonsense.

The weather in Gran Canaria this week is looking good with blue skies mixed with a bit of high cloud.

The weather in Gran Canaria for the next few days will be classic winter weather: Sunny in the south, cloudier in the north.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 14:24

Gran Canaria Weather: Sunny New Year

The weather forecast for New Year 2015 in Gran Canaria is simple: Blue sky and warm temperatures.

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