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Book A Reliable Gran Canaria Airport Transfer Service

Gran Canaria Info has teamed up with a quality local transport company to offer you a safe and reliable transfer service from Gran Canaria airport direct to your accommodation.

The service lets you skip the airport taxi queues, save money, and travel direct to your accommodation with no delays or hidden charges. The quality of this service is guaranteed by Gran Canaria Info; the island's top source of quality local information. 

The Gran Canaria Info airport transfer service includes the following:

  • Greeting at the arrival gate by your driver
  • Transfer to your accommodation in a quality, fully insured car by a licensed, multilingual driver
  • Payment on arrival apart from the booking deposit of 20%

 The prices of the Gran Canaria Info airport transfer service for up to 3 people*  in euros are as follows:

  • Airport - Playa del Ingles 44. Return 88
  • Airport - Las Palmas 42. return 84
  • Airport - Meloneras / Pasito Blanco 48. Return 96
  • Airport - Arguineguín 60. Return 120
  • Airport - Puerto Rico / Tauro 63. Return 126
  • Airport - Taurito 69. Return 138
  • Airport - Mogán 73. Return 146

For larger groups of 4 to 6 people, with transport in a Mercedes van, the prices are as follows:

  • Airport - Playa del Ingles 54. Return 108
  • Airport - Las Palmas 52. Return 104
  • Airport - Meloneras / Pasito Blanco 58. Return 116
  • Airport - Arguineguín 69. Return 138
  • Airport - Puerto Rico / Tauro 72. Return 144
  • Airport - Taurito 78. Return 156
  • Airport - Mogán 82. Return 164

For larger groups of 7 to 10 people, with transport in a small bus, the prices are as follows:

  • Airport - Playa del Ingles 79. Return 158
  • Airport - Las Palmas 73. Return 146
  • Airport - Meloneras / Pasito Blanco 85. Return 170
  • Airport - Arguineguín 98. Return 196
  • Airport - Puerto Rico / Tauro 113. Return 226
  • Airport - Taurito 125. Return 250
  • Airport - Mogán 132. Return 264

For even larger groups (more than 10 persons), please send us a message. Thank you!

To book a Gran Canaria airport transfer just fill in this form at least 24 hours before you arrive and leave a 20% deposit. Our transfer service will then be in touch to arrange the details of where you will be met, etc. Any questions or problems, just let us know and well sort them out right away. 


When you click the "Pay Now" button down below, you will be connected to PayPal where you will be asked to pay 20% of the total amount of your selected option.

You can pay with any bank card you like, or with your PayPal account. Remember: you don't need a Paypal account to pay the deposit, just a card is good enough.

As soon as the payment is done, your information will be sent straight to the Transfer company, which will then contact you directly as soon as possible. (Normally: very quickly.)

When you meet your driver, she or he will ask you for the rest of the amount, which is the full amount minus the 20% you already paid.

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Tip of the day

  • Tip Of The Day: Avoid Bank Card Charges By Paying In Euros
    Tip Of The Day: Avoid Bank Card Charges By Paying In Euros

    Save money and avoid rip-off bank charges while in Gran Canaria by paying in euros when using your credit or debit card.

    Many bars and restaurants in Gran Canaria, and in almost all European holiday destinations, give you the option of paying in euros or in your home currency. Opting for your own currency, while it may seem like the safer option, can add as much as 5% to the bill as it triggers dynamic currency conversion. 

    DCC basically means that the exchange rate is calculated at point of sale rather than by your bank. It allows you to see the total cost of the transaction in your own currency but adds up to 5% to the total because it uses a terrible exchange rate. 

    Since the extra money is shared between your bank and the merchant, some places will automatically bill you in your own currency and hope you don't notice. You have the legal right to refuse and void the transaction should this happen. 

    ATMs too

    The same applies when taking money out of ATM machines in Gran Canaria (and anywhere in Europe); Always choose the local currency option to avoid losing money to poor exchange rates.

    If you opt for the local currency option, using bank ATMs is often the cheapest and safest way of getting euros in Gran Canaria. It's far safer than having a big pile of euros hidden in your room or tucked into your shorts.

    More details in this Daily Telegraph article.

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