17.10.2016: The rain that was headed towards the Canary Islands yesterday faded away before it reachedus. All we got in Gran Canaria was a few drops of rain scattered across the island.

The Spanish AEMET weather service has confirmed that summer 2016 was a hot one and that it expects autumn in the Canary Islands to be warmer than normal. 

27.05.2015 With no Trade Wind blowing from the north, expect cloudy afternoons and even a few drops of evening rain until the end of the weekend.

The last of the cloud and rain that affected north Gran Canaria over the weekend will fade by midday on Tuesday. The rest of the week will be warm and sunny all over the island. 

Here's what gives the Canary Islands their world-famous good weather. 

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FEBRUARY 2016, WEEK ONE: The rain forecast for last weekend hardly showed up in Gran Canaria and this week will be mostly sunny. 

The sunshine continues in Gran Canaria this weekend, although the wind changes on Saturday afternoon and we could have a blowy and dusty Sunday.

With temperatures as high as 29ºC in south Gran Canaria yesterday, winter just hasn't turned up yet in Gran Canaria.

The low-pressure system north-west of the Canary Islands has now officially become subtropical storm Alex. Fortunately it has gone north of the Canary Islands but is now bearing down on the Azores.

Gran Canaria got a white Christmas Day of sorts due to a heavy calima yesterday and the dust will hang around for Boxing Day.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015 09:38

Gran Canaria Weather: Sunshine For Christmas

After two days of autumnal weather in Gran Canaria, the sunshine is back and set to stay for Christmas.

The Spanish AEMET weather service has announced that November 2015 was the hottest and sunniest on record after a mid-month hot spell sent temperatures up to over 30ºC. 

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Sunday, 25 October 2015 09:59

Gran Canaria Weather: The Worst Has Passed

The worst of the bad weather that walloped Gran Canaria over the last five days is over, although we may get the odd strong shower today.

The latest on the GranCanaria weather. There could well be more rain tonight and tomorrow but things are likely to improve after the weekend.

Posted by Gran Canaria on Saturday, October 24, 2015

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