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Weather Forecast: The Rain Hardly Came, But The Sunshine Will

Sunshine forecast this week in Gran Canaria Sunshine forecast this week in Gran Canaria

17.10.2016: The rain that was headed towards the Canary Islands yesterday faded away before it reachedus. All we got in Gran Canaria was a few drops of rain scattered across the island.

The remains of the clouds that brought the scant showers should fade away today to leave us with a sunny afternoon.

The rest of the week will be sunny in south Gran Canaria with maximum day temperatures up cose to 30ºC. North Gran Canaria will be similar although there will be light morning cloud.

Another bizarre consequence of yesterday's non-weather was a flat sea that put the Frontón King surf competition on hold. It look like conditions won't improve at the Frontón wave until Tuesday.

All in all, a great week to be in Gran Canaria on holiday although spare a thought for south Gran Canaria's farmers as they are getting desperate for some of the wet stuff.

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