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Gran Canaria Weather: Cloudy Afternoons Until Sunday

White stuff? With no Trade Winds, Gran Canaria was cloudy yesterday White stuff? With no Trade Winds, Gran Canaria was cloudy yesterday NASA

27.05.2015 With no Trade Wind blowing from the north, expect cloudy afternoons and even a few drops of evening rain until the end of the weekend.

Clouds develop over Gran Canaria every day because water evaporates from the land. Most days the Trade Wind blows them away before they get big enough to block out the sun. But when the wind fades the clouds grow over the centre of the island and eventually reach the coast.

Then the tourists start grumbling.

There's still a couple of days before the wind comes back. It dropped off completely on Tuesday night and returns late on Saturday. In the meantime, it should be sunny in the mornings and early afternoon all over Gran Canaria. but the clouds will grow during Friday and Saturday and could well cover the island again (yes, even the south).

If you head up into the highlands, you'll get a mix of everything and even the odd shower. 

On Sunday, north Gran Canaria will cloudy but the rest of the island should be blue all day long. 

The rest of the week look good too.


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