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Relax, There's No Danger Of A Volcanic Eruption In The Canary Islands

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Debunking the nonsense Canary Islands earthquake and volcano story Debunking the nonsense Canary Islands earthquake and volcano story

According to the British tabloid press, a swarm of earthquakes is about to trigger a mega eruption of Teide volcano in Tenerife. However, the whole story is nonsense and here's Alex from Gran Canaria Info to explain why.

If you believe the press reports, the Canary Islands are trembling as Teide wakes up and tries to outdo the volcano on Hawaii with rivers of lava. 

But there hasn't even been a single tremor in the Canary Islands that anyone has felt. We've had a normal amount of tiny quakes caused by landslides deep under the islands. 

These are 100% normal and there have actually been more small quakes in mainland Spain during the same period of time. 

There is nothing to worry about: What the video below for the facts.


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