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Gran Canaria Carnival dates For 2016

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The 2016 Gran Canaria carnival season starts in February The 2016 Gran Canaria carnival season starts in February

Gran Canaria's main carnival dates and posters are all out. 

Go here for the main Gran Canaria carnival dates and events in 2017.

Things kick off on January 29th in Las Palmas, although the capital's big events, like the drag queen final, main parade and burial of the sardine and carnival fireworks, are on the weekend beginning February 19th. The traditional carnival in Vegueta is on Monday 8, and the traditional carnival queen gala is on Friday 12. There are big street parties in Las Palmas every Friday and Saturday night. The full program is here.

In Maspalomas, carnival starts on February 18 and runs until February 28. The drag queen gala is on Thursday 25, tourist day is Friday 26, and the burial of the sardine and fireworks are on Sunday 28. Download the details here.

In Mogán, carnival runs from the first to the sixth of March. The Mogán program is yet to be announced. 

Almost every town and village in Gran Canaria has its own calendar of carnival events, but most haven't yet produced a program or a poster. Come on Telde!

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    Exchange Money In Gran Canaria Or At Home?

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