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Lex Thoonen

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Afters years of having been almost completely empty I heard a friend, who works up in the forests, mentioning that the Las Niñas reservoir was nearly full again. I went up and had a look. I've got good memories of that place, and it just is a lovely area of Gran Canaria, high up in the mountains, at the southern end of the huge crater that forms the inner ring of the island.

Driving up is always a good experience, and from where I live, to get to  the lake takes more or less one hour and 45 minutes. Or so I thought.

I drove past Cruz de Tejeda, past the Roque Nublo, via Ayacata and tried to get on the GC605 which connects the Roque Nublo with the Mogán valley more or less. 

ROAD CUT OFF it said. From here, there are no real viable alternatives. I'd have to drive all the way down again to La Aldea, then on to Mogán village almost and back up again from the other side. Which would be ridiculous. So I decided to drive past the sign and see how far I'd get before the road was really blocked. Now, I had heard in January about a rockslide here, but I'd presumed that by June that had been cleared. I was wrong. Nothing has been done, I don't know why. Anyway, I could drive on for a couple of kilometers and then where the rocks had fallen there was no way I could pass in a car.

presa de las niñas versie 2 0023

According to Google maps I was still 7,5 km away from the lake. My dog Layla and I got out and we started to walk (I on flip flops). Luckily, I had some water in the car, but no walking shoes as I thought we'd get to the lake by car. 

We walked more or less 1,5 hour to get there, and 1,5 hour back, and stayed at and near the lake for more or less 2 hours. We've seen two other persons: a mountainbiker who passed us (you can pick up your bike and walk past the rocks) and a goat shepherd living very near the lake, staring at us as he probably doesn't see a lot of people these months. All the rest of the time I was completely alone surrounded by majestic mountains. It was quite a trip, and it was absolutely worth the trouble of getting there. Not just the lake, but the whole experience. So if you like solitude in nature, and have the chance to go there now, go for it.

Here are some pictures:

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0002

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0003

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0005

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0006

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0007

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0011

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0012

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0014

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0015

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0020

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0023

presa de las niñas layla goat cabra 0024

presa de las niñas versie 2 0001

presa de las niñas versie 2 0005

presa de las niñas versie 2 0011

layla en geiten 0001


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Tuesday, 22 June 2021 09:11

GCI CLUB WhatsApp group

As a GCI CLUB member, you get access to our dedicated WhatsApp group. We don't add our members automatically, because you might not want to be a member of the WhatsApp group. If you'd like to join us on WhatsApp, just follow this link:

Thank you!


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Sunday, 06 December 2020 12:19

Lex's two favourite roads on Gran Canaria

If driving around to see different landscapes is your thing, you're in luck: it's what I do a lot wherever I am, and of course as well at the island I live on. Included you'll find links to the routes on Google Maps.

Road choice 1: GC200

Raymond GC200 0004

One road is rather obvious, it's the road between La Aldea and Agaete. 24 Hours a day people are working on the new road, and the old road is disappearing fast. Now, the old road was amazing, but yes, a bit dangerous. With rainfall rocks would fall down, at some spots, for more than 800 meters. BIG rocks. People have died, and the decision was made to create a new road, consisting of a lot tunnels. It's boring. You can only use a little bit of the old road between La Aldea and El Risco. Just enough, to see the breathtaking views from "El balcón". From there it's back to the new road to continue in whatever direction you were going. The new road is fast and convenient, but views are s**t compared to how it was before.

The bit between El Risco and Agaete is still via the old road, but as said before, that won't last long: they're working hard. So enjoy it while you can. The views are really amazing, you're driving against a cliff wall with the ocean deep below, waves hitting the rocks and around you only wilderniss. Ocean and mountains. Go and see it! This is the route on Google maps and it includes the stop at the Balcón viewpoint.

Mirador El Balcón 0001 1


Road choice 2: GC704, the Barranco del Laurel

barranco del laurel 0001

The other, the second road in this article, will hopefully last longer. It's a really beatiful, green rural road between Moya and Fontanales (more or less ;) ). You can either drive it up, or down. It's steep, and at most places a very thin road, so if you meet other traffic you sometimes have to reverse to find a spot where you can pass each other. But don't let that put you off, the road is really worth seeing and there is not a lot of traffic. This link should take you to a google map with the route. Anyway, it's not that hard to find.

If you want to drive it going up, then first get yourself to Moya. From Moya, head for "Los Tilos", where you can in fact park your car, and do a short circular walk (less than an hour) in one of the best bits of laurel forest in Gran Canaria. Now, you're on the road already. Just follow it up and up. You'll pass a little chapel just after having done a bend so sharp you might have to reverse just to be able to make it. Keep on going up. At a certain point you'll reach a 'normal' road where you turn left and go to Fontanales. That's it, you've done the bit I like best.

I'd advise you to keep going up to Cruz de Tejeda and see places like Artenara or Tejeda and enjoy the mountains at the centre of Gran Canaria. Obviously, you can drive down this road too. A good starting point would be this spot:

GC 70 Google Maps high curve fontanales

Which is the end of the line in this route on Google maps.  

Have fun driving and don't forget to stop here and there and take in the scenery without the noise of a car. 

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Friday, 04 December 2020 16:43

Best Pizzeria Of The Whole Island (Says Lex)

Now, I'm vegetarian. So I do like that Italian restaurants exist. As it happens, I do like good pizzas too, and if friends ever go to a good, new pizza place, chances are they will tell me about it. And I've been to the really good pizza places all over Gran Canaria. It is a real coincidence, that the very best pizza place of the whole island happens to be righ in my village: Agaete.

If you get to Puerto de las Nieves (the harbour of Agaete) you'll find lots of restaurants at the sea front. Most do excellent fish if you're into eating dead animals. ;) Look for Pizzeria Dibe, try a pizza there and tell me if you think I'm wrong. I personally prefer the "Celso" pizza, but that is only an option if you like blue cheese and kapers. Any pizza there is really good. The bread bit of the pizza is just amazing!

Anyway, have fun and bon appetit!


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Gran Canaria's biggest music event, the annual Bioagaete festival, can't happen this year due to Covid-19.

However, the organisers have decided against taking a well-deserved year off and have instead launched a charity music playlist.

Dubbed the BIODISCO, it features 18 new songs from local famous singers and bands that always play for free at the festival.

To listen to the BIODISCO, please go here and make a small donation to the Bioagaete Foundation. The money raised goes to local families who have been left in need due to the Coronavirus, and to street children in Senegal. 


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Tuesday, 01 September 2020 10:18

Gran Canaria Info CLUB - The Map

Welcome to The Map of Gran Canaria. This is the map that we've been using to share our latest Gran Canaria finds with each other, friends and family for over 15 years. 

We work constantly on The Map, adding new spots and updating information every time to go anywhere in Gran Canaria.

If you're on your phone, just have a look at what's near you and if there's anything you like. We bet there is! Keep coming back, as this is our main focus of attention. You can select / deselect "layers" to keep it well organised.



Click here to open the map in your favourite map application.



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Saturday, 29 August 2020 11:37

Gran Canaria Info CLUB


Gran Canaria Info CLUB is for people who love the island and want to get to know it even better.

Do you come to Gran Canaria every year and you want more information than the average visitor? Or maybe you live in Gran Canaria, or see it as your second home?

Either way, you want the kind of detailed local knowledge that takes you beyond the usual excursions. The stuff you won’t find in guidebooks or on the web.

You also want to connect with other people who feel the same way about Gran Canaria. And talk to them in a friendly, safe space. The Gran Canaria Info Club is designed for people just like you…

It’s as well the most detailed guide to Gran Canaria that exists and we’ll be adding to it all the time to make it even better.


signup button copy



What Do I Get as a Club Member?


  • An exclusive guide to the best of Gran Canaria; restaurants, bars, places, updated constantly with new videos and articles.
  • A detailed map of Gran Canaria with the exact locations of all the best bits.
  • Exclusive discounts on the best excursions, restaurants and adventures in Gran Canaria.
  • Regular news updates about Gran Canaria.
  • A help/advice hotline number for people to call and ask us for advice or help. You can call us, Whatsapp us or drop us an email any time.
  • A private discussion platform where you can get to know other members and skip the “how’s the weather?” questions. (By the way, it's a beautiful day! ;) )
  • Lots of photos. At least 10 beautiful BIG photos of Gran Canaria per month. You can download and stick them on your wall, on your dog - you're completely free to use them as you please. (You can only not sell them on. ;) )
  • Access to special things like e-books or so that we have produced and will produce, in your members only download section.


Why did we start the GCI Club?


We started Gran Canaria Info in 1998 and we’ve been providing quality information about the island ever since. We love what we're doing and what we have been doing for all those years, providing content about Gran Canaria, great stories, photos and videos. And we want to keep doing that, so we had to find a way in which that is practically possible.

Our website gets millions of views every month and we have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. It’s all got so big and busy that sometimes we feel like we’ve lost the personal connection with our audience. The GCI Club is a way of getting it back and of giving real Gran Canaria fans the information they deserve about the island we all love. 


How much does it cost?


We charge €10 per month but you can get two months free, with annual membership at €100. The cost will never increase once you join. Even if the price goes up in the future, it will always remain the same for you, once you join. Also, a couple or family only needs one membership of Club Gran Canaria.


As this is completely new, we now offer club membership for 8€ per month, or 80€ per year.
Just use this coupon code: INTRODUCTION, and you will get 20% discount, for life. That's our offer for you for signing up at the very beginning.
Remember, once you sign up as a member, the cost will never increase so the price you pay now is the price you pay in 50 years. You can sign up right here:


Monthly Membership Gran Canaria Info Club

€10/1 month

This is the Gran Canaria Info Club Gold Membership. You pay 10 euros per month and remain a member as long as you do. You have access to all the CLUB features. You can cancel any time you feel like it. Click the DETAILS button for more details ;)

Yearly Membership Gran Canaria Info Club

€100/1 year

This is the Gran Canaria Info Club Gold Membership, but with a discount for signing up per year in stead of per month. You pay 100 euros per year in stead of 10 euros per month and save 20 euros. You remain a member as long as you do. You have access to all the CLUB features. You can cancel any time you feel like it. Click the DETAILS button for more details ;)


It’s not for me....


No worries. This isn’t for everyone, and we appreciate and understand that. Rest assured that the main Gran Canaria Info website and social media channels will always be there, and will always be free to access. Nothing will change for you, and we hope you continue to enjoy what we offer.


I’m interested....


Excellent! Come on in and join the rest of us. Once you’ve chosen your membership plan and joined, you’ll immediately receive your log in details to the club’s website, and everything is accessible there.



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There is no UK government travel advisory against travelling to the Canary Islands but UK citizens must isolate for 14 days after returning.

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