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This is the Gran Canaria Info Club Gold Membership. You pay 10 euros per month and remain a member as long as you do. You have access to all the CLUB features. You can cancel any time you feel like it.

  • An exclusive guide to the best of Gran Canaria; restaurants, bars, places, updated constantly with new videos and articles.
  • detailed map of Gran Canaria with the exact locations of all the best bits.
  • Exclusive discounts on the best excursions, restaurants and adventures in Gran Canaria.
  • Regular news updates about Gran Canaria.
  • help/advice hotline number for people to call and ask us for advice or help. You can call us, Whatsapp us or drop us an email any time.
  • private discussion platform where you can get to know other members and skip the “how’s the weather?” questions. (By the way, it's a beautiful day! ;) )
  • Lots of photos. At least 10 beautiful BIG photos of Gran Canaria per month. You can download and stick them on your wall, on your dog - you're completely free to use them as you please. (You can only not sell them on. ;) )
  • Access to special things like e-books or so that we have produced and will produce, in your members only download section.
Duration: 1 month
Price: €10.00

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