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Tip Of The Day: See Inside The Arucas Church By Arriving Early Or Late

Arucas church is open in the morning and for evening mass Arucas church is open in the morning and for evening mass

The Catholic church rather than the local tourist authorities still decides when to open church doors in Gran Canaria. This means that some of the island's prettiest churches, such as the Puerto de las Nieves hermitage, are often closed during the day.

The huge, black church at Arucas however, opens its door every day between 09.30 and 12.30 and again for an hour or so at 18.30 for evening mass. It's worth timing your visit to Arucas to coincide with opening time because the interior of the church is as impressive as its Gothic exterior.

Alex says: The Arucas church wasn't always black. The original basalt stone was a blue-grey colour but has darkened over time. 

Opening hours for the Arehucas rum factory are similar: Weekdays 0.900 to 14.00 (13.00 between June and September). No visits at the weekends. 

Read more about Arucas (and Arehucas) here.

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