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Gran Canaria Weather: Snow And Rain Forecast This Week

Snow forecast in the Gran Canaria & Canary Islands mountains this week Snow forecast in the Gran Canaria & Canary Islands mountains this week

A cold snap heading towards the eastern Canary Islands from the north is expected to bring rain and thunderstorm to Gran Canaria and snow to the very top of the island.

The high-altitude low-pressure system arrives on Monday and will be around until at least Thursday. 

On Monday north Gran Canaria can expect cold air, showers and maybe thunderstorms with hail. The highlands could well get snowfall. The south, protected by the highlands from the worst of the weather, may get rain but should also see some sunshine. Air temperatures won't be above 20ºC.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we'll get more of the same. After that, the cold air should fade away and the weather will return to normal.

We'll update if there are significant changes to the forecast.

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Snow in Gran Canaria (filmed in 2017) Gran Canaria Info

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