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Gran Canaria Weather: Hotter In London Than The Canary Islands?

London hotter than Gran Canaria this weekend? London hotter than Gran Canaria this weekend?

Silly season has started early this year with the first press reports about Britain being hotter than the Canary Islands.

We will be checking over the weekend and we're pretty sure what will happen; the maximum recorded temperature in Britain will be something like 24ºC.

But the average temperatures recorded on Canary Islands weather maps will be something like 22ºC. 

Therefore, in the minds of traffic-hungry web journalists, it's hotter in the UK than in the Canaries. Never mind that it'll be scraping 30ºC in south Gran Canaria this weekend and that the heat here lasts all day long.

And when the inevitable rain falls, it reminds everyone in the UK where the good weather really is.

The Gran Canaria weather this week

South Gran Canaria has moved into summer mode so it'll be hot and sunny this week and every week between now and November.

The north will get some cloud in the mornings, but the weak Trade Winds and strong sun will burn them off in the afternoons.

All-in-all, a pretty decent week and perfect for the beach. If you feel like walking in the hills do it now as it's starting to get hot up there.

Sea temperatures around Gran Canaria

The sea this winter didn't cool down as much as it can and barely dropped below 20ºC at the surface. It's now starting to warm up and is currently at almost 21ºC.


London hotter than the canary Islands

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