Wednesday, 27 January 2016 06:45

Gran Canaria Weather: Calima Near Miss, Water On The Way

Huge dust cloud south of the Canary Islands Huge dust cloud south of the Canary Islands NASA

Forecast for the last weekend of January 2016: The Trade winds bring clouds and even some rain to north Gran Canaria. 

A vast burp of Saharan dust stayed just south of the Canary Islands and is now floating west across the Atlantic to nourish the plankton and the Amazon rainforest. It is unlikely to affect Gran Canaria as the wind is swinging to the north.

The Trade Winds are coming back and this means that we can expect clouds and even some rain over north Gran Canaria over the weekend. It won't be enough to ruin anybody's holiday or top up the reservoirs, but it will be a welcome change after three months of solid winter sunshine (ain't life a bitch). 

South Gran Canaria will get a mix of cloud and sunshine over the weekend and maybe even a shower. Expect day temperatures around 25ºC and night time minimums around 18ºC.

The sea around Gran Canaria is still warm for the time of year although it has cooled down in the last week to between 20-21ºC. The surf looks decent and will peak over the weekend.


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