Tuesday, 27 March 2018 10:07

Easter Week Weather All Mixed Up

Mixed weather conditions over the Easter week in Gran Canaria Mixed weather conditions over the Easter week in Gran Canaria photosgrancanaria.com

The weather over the Easter week in Gran Canaria will be a mixture of everything, although south Gran Canaria will be sunny most of the time.

On Tuesday there will be clouds and some strong gusts of wind in the north of Gran Canaria and it will be windy along the south-east coast. The south will be sunny, but the sea is expected to be lively all around the island. 

On Wednesday, a blast of warm, slightly dusty air arrives and hangs around until at least Thursday evening. It will cause a temperature spike and sunny skies all over the island. There won't be a serious amount of dust in the air.

By Friday, the calima conditions will have faded and we expect the weather to turn cooler as a cold front sweeps towards the Canary Islands. There could even be rain and storms over the Easter weekend.

We'll update you on that as soon as the models become clearer.

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