Monday, 26 October 2015 10:11

Gran Canaria Weather Forecast: A Sunny Day With Some Clouds

October fluffy clouds in Gran Canaria October fluffy clouds in Gran Canaria

The Gran Canaria weather today is classic October stuff: Blue skies with fluffy clouds.

In south Gran Canaria and the resorts, the day will start with blue skies and gradually get cloudier as white clouds form over the southern highlands. These clouds are due to hot air rising off the island and cooling as it goes.

In the north we'll have the opposite; clouds that backed up against the steep island during the night will be there in the morning but will burn off as the day heats up.

There is a chance of a shower in the afternoon buy nothing serious.

Expect the temperatures to be in the high twenties on the beaches and no lower than 20ºC in the evening.

Tomorrow looks like it will be similar, but there are clouds and even showers forecast for Wednesday. We'll keep you informed as the forecasts get more accurate. 


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