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Gran Canaria Shopping: Local Guide To Buying Shoes

There's more to shoes in Gran Canaria than flip-flops There's more to shoes in Gran Canaria than flip-flops

You may think that everyone in Gran Canaria spends all day wearing flip flips but there is much more to Gran Canaria shoes than you'd expect. Here's our guide to buying footwear on sunshine island. 

Walk around any local town in Gran Canaria and you'll see that Canarians tend to take their feet seriously. Flip flops and espadrilles and common but most people wear proper shoes to work or even when they go out to the shops. In fact, if you see someone in a local area of Las Palmas wearing open shoes and shorts, you are most likely looking at a fellow visitor. 

Head to a shoe shop in Gran Canaria and you'll find a wide range of styles and brands. You may also notice, if you take your feet seriously, that Spanish shoes have a flair to them that is often lacking in colder climates. They are also pretty well made because Spain has a proud history of quality shoemaking. 

Of course, the shoes on sale in Gran Canaria are what most Europeans would see as summer shoes because, hey, who needs a pair of knee high boots when it's hot and sunny almost every day.

Shopping for stylish men's shoes in Gran Canaria

Men's shoes in Gran Canaria are just a little bit more flamboyant than the ones you find further north where black and brown Oxfords and Derby's rule the roost. We think it's because of Spain's love of dancing and the fact that men's dancing shoes (check any local salsa club) are often pretty bright. This has trickled into the boutiques and shoe shops where you'll find shoes with stylish stitching details and understated hints of colour. Check out the men's shoes in Fundgrube and particularly Spanish brands like Fluchos and Pikolinos.

Athleisure fans should have a look at Italian brand Geox for affordable and well-made trainers. Of course, the main athleisure brands like Nike, Adidas and Sketchers are easy to find in Gran Canaria too. You'll find trainer shops in most Gran Canaria shopping malls.

As with shoes everywhere, you get what you pay for in Gran Canaria so pay attention to the stitching and materials before you buy an unknown brand of shoe. Good shoes are a worthy holiday investment especially as you know that you'll be wearing something unique once you get home.

Look out for Calzados Navarro shoe shops, Fundgrubes, and head up to the second floor in El Corte Inglés for a good selection of quality men's shoes by menswear brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Sebago and own-brand Emilio Tucci. 

Shopping for stylish women's shoes in Gran Canaria

 Women's shoes in Gran Canaria range from elegant sandals and heels to flamboyant, South American influenced wedges and high heels. 

The ever-reliable Fundgrube has a good selection of quality women's shoes and El Corte Inglés stock a wide range of brands such as Michael Kors and Spanish quality brand Gloria Ortiz. 

Carolina Boix is a good place to look for bright and stylish shoes at reasonable prices. Another Spanish shoe brand well worth looking out for is Xti. 

Where to buy shoes in Gran Canaria

For a great guide to shopping for shoes and clothes in Gran Canaria see our ultimate guide to Gran Canaria clothes shopping, and also our list of Gran Canaria's top shopping spots

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