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You've Arrived in Puerto Rico Resort: Here's What To Do First

Head to the beach to take in the Puerto Rico atmosphere Head to the beach to take in the Puerto Rico atmosphere

Once you've arrived in Puerto Rico resort and unpacked you're ready to explore. It's not hard to find your way as all roads in Puerto Rico lead to the beach provided that you aim downhill.

You can't miss the colossal shopping centre in Puerto Rico resort. It's packed with bars, restaurants and shops but stop here and you miss out on the rest of the resort. For the first day, we recommend heading on through the gardens, past the Angry Birds activity park until you reach the beach.

At the beachfront head left to see Puerto Base marina. This is the spot to book whale watching trips and big game fishing boats. From Puerto Base the little ferries connect Puerto Rico to south Gran Canaria's other marinas and resorts. There's not a lot of bars and restaurants here so for a drink head back to the beachfront.

One of the great things about Puerto Rico beach is the beachfront bars under the palm trees. They all do the holiday staples and ice-cold beer. Once you've refuelled keep going until you reach Puerto de Escala marina. This has a couple of bars along the harbour wall and a shopping centre with restaurants on the top floor. Look here for water sports and sailing trips. 

For the cliff top walk from Puerto de Escala de Amadores beach climb the steps between the shopping centre and the harbour wall. The walk takes about 20 minutes and is gorgeous at sunset. 

Back in the main resort the shopping centre gets going after dark. Take your time and pick the restaurant you want rather than the one with the pushiest touts. Another option is to get a taxi up the West Hill to the Europa shopping centre for food with bird's-eye views of the resort. 

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