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The Irish Academy: The Place In The Canary Islands To Do A Cambridge CELTA/TEFL Course

The Irish Academy is the only place in the Canary Islands that offers CELTA TEFL courses The Irish Academy is the only place in the Canary Islands that offers CELTA TEFL courses The Irish Academy

If there's a better spot than Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city to come and do a TEFL qualification, we can't think of it. And The Irish Academy, right in the centre of the city, is the place to do your Cambridge CELTA Qualification.

The Irish Academy: The leading English language institute in the Canary Islands

There are hundreds of places around the world that teach CELTA qualifications; the World's most recognised TEFL qualification. However, there's only one in the whole of the Canary Islands and it happens to be based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. 

The Irish Academy is a long-standing language school with an excellent local reputation. As the only place to offer the CELTA qualification, it is the leading English-language institute in the Canary Islands. For an idea of how much previous students have enjoyed the CELTA courses, see this long list of positive reviews.

The Irish Academy offers the intensive CELTA course six times per year and is right in the middle of the city.

It also offers in-company English classes (a teacher going to a company to teach employees), prepares students for all Cambridge Suite exams, offers Spanish lessons, and does kid's classes including exam preparation (both in the academy and in local schools). 

Who should do a CELTA Qualification in Las Palmas?

If you're serious about teaching English as a second language, you need a qualification that you can take with you anywhere in the world.

Everyone who wants to teach English as a second language

These days, you need a CELTA qualification to get even an entry level ESL job. Schools and academies know that if you have the CELTA, you have all the skills needed to succeed in a classroom. These days, 91% of the English language teaching jobs offered in the UK require a CELTA qualification. 

Travellers who want to earn as they go

Teaching English is the most effective way of paying for your travels and a CELTA qualification means that you'll be able to get jobs all over the world and earn more money per hour of teaching. 

People looking for Gran Canaria teaching work  

A CELTA qualification is essential if you want to work for an academy or school in Gran Canaria. Unqualified teachers on the island only get the worst paid jobs with the worst hours and conditions. Most schools and quality academies won't even consider taking on teachers who don't have a quality TEFL qualification.

What do you need to do a CELTA course

The month-long CELTA qualification is an intensive course so the first thing you need is time to dedicate to the classes and to the work. 

You need to be 18.

You also need to speak English as a native language or be proficient to C1 level if it is your second language. 

For the exact requirements, see The Irish Academy's course description

Why do a CELTA course in Las Palmas?

As one of the 10 biggest cities in Spain, Las Palmas has a lively atmosphere and it's a safe, European city with a serious Latin-vibe. It also has one of the world's great city beaches and plenty of places to stay while you're doing your course. 

Gran Canaria is just 4-5 hours flight away from anywhere in Europe and has decent links to most countries. It's warm throughout the year and has everything you need right at hand. Provided that you do the work, there are plenty of opportunities for fun in Las Palmas, from salsa clubs to rooftop bars. Once you've qualified, there's a good chance that you'll find a teaching position in Las Palmas itself as it has a thriving ESL scene. 

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