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Las Palmas: Local Tours With Urban Adventures In Gran Canaria

Local Las Palmas tours with Urban Adventures in Gran Canaria Local Las Palmas tours with Urban Adventures in Gran Canaria Urban Adventures

At last, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has personal tours for small groups that really show you the city from a local perspective. 

Most Gran Canaria tours often feel rather touristy:

  • You're in a big group and whizz around looking at the island through a coach window.
  • You only stop at places that have big car parks and restaurants that cater to huge tours.
  • You get to look at things and places but you don't learn much.
  • You always feel like you're being rushed back onto the coach.

Las Palmas palmsThese big group tours can be a lot of fun but to really get under Gran Canaria's skin and see it like a local, you need a good local guide who works with small groups (and takes you to interesting places).

Especially in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city where all the existing tours just run you around Old Town Vegueta then point you towards the shops in Triana.

We've always thought the city was crying out for quality tours that really show you the city through local eyes. 

And we're excited to see a new breed of Gran Canaria tours emerging online. 

Urban Adventures Gran Canaria: Las Palmas Tours

 Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas cityUrban Adventures is the pioneers of this new approach to Las Palmas tours. It offers local tours all over the world run by local guides and experts. 

In Gran Canaria, it has just started with city tours in Las Palmas city and bespoke tours all over Gran Canaria. 

Urban Adventure tours are what you want from a quality Gran Canaria tour; small groups led by a knowledgeable local guide that go to places the mass tours can't reach.

Behind Las Canteras Tour

El Confital 0003When you're on Las Canteras beach there isn't that much to do other than sit and look at the ocean. However, the area behind the beach has a long and fascinating history as well as some of Las Palmas' best bars and restaurants. 

Las Canteras beach is so long that it has a host of local stories and personalities and there is nothing online about them. This morning tour really puts you in touch with how the locals experience Las Canteras. 

You also get to explore the La Isleta Nature Reserve and the secret El Confital beach.

It includes English-speaking guide, local breakfasts, hot drinks and, of course, a bocadillo or local baguette lunch. 

Book the Behind Las Palmas Tour here.

Vegueta Tapas Tour

This fun, sociable tapas tour takes you to the best tapas bars in Vegueta: The colonial old town where Colombus stopped on his way to America. It's got a lot livelier since then and we're pretty sure the food is better too.tapas tour Las Palmas
The tour takes you to the best local tapas restaurants in Vegueta and teaches you the difference between Canarian and Spanish food. 
You get to experience the best of Las Palmas' foodie scene with an English-speaking local guide and to watch the sunset over the city.

Create your own local Gran Canaria tour

Montaña de Arena secret local beach Gran CanariaIf you want to explore a particular side of Gran Canaria; anything from its wineries to its hill towns and nature reserves; just get in touch with Urban Adventures and they'll work with you to create a bespoke tour.

There really is no better way to get to know the island than to explore it with a knowledgeable local guide.

More info on bespoke Gran Canaria tours.

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  • Tip Of The Day: Avoid Bank Card Charges By Paying In Euros
    Tip Of The Day: Avoid Bank Card Charges By Paying In Euros

    Save money and avoid rip-off bank charges while in Gran Canaria by paying in euros when using your credit or debit card.

    Many bars and restaurants in Gran Canaria, and in almost all European holiday destinations, give you the option of paying in euros or in your home currency. Opting for your own currency, while it may seem like the safer option, can add as much as 5% to the bill as it triggers dynamic currency conversion. 

    DCC basically means that the exchange rate is calculated at point of sale rather than by your bank. It allows you to see the total cost of the transaction in your own currency but adds up to 5% to the total because it uses a terrible exchange rate. 

    Since the extra money is shared between your bank and the merchant, some places will automatically bill you in your own currency and hope you don't notice. You have the legal right to refuse and void the transaction should this happen. 

    ATMs too

    The same applies when taking money out of ATM machines in Gran Canaria (and anywhere in Europe); Always choose the local currency option to avoid losing money to poor exchange rates.

    If you opt for the local currency option, using bank ATMs is often the cheapest and safest way of getting euros in Gran Canaria. It's far safer than having a big pile of euros hidden in your room or tucked into your shorts.

    More details in this Daily Telegraph article.

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