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Gran Canaria Weather: Is Las Palmas a Cloudy City?

Las Palmas's reputation for cloud is exaggerated Las Palmas's reputation for cloud is exaggerated

Las Palmas has a reputation for being a cloudy city, but is also famous as the city with the world's most pleasant climate. What's going on?

Gran Canaria's capital city is definitely cloudier than the island's main resorts. Hardly a fair comparison as south Gran Canaria's skies are the bluest anywhere in the world that you'd want to go on holiday.

Compared to anywhere else, Las Palmas' has a warm, sunny climate. Its average temperature is over 20ºC and the sun shines most days. It's been rated as the city with the world's most pleasant climate. 

Cloudy patches

What Las Palmas does get is longer periods of cloudy weather than Gran Canarias resorts. The city can be overcast for several days at a time even when the sun shines over the resorts. It even gets clouds in the summer.

You can blame the Trade Winds, even though they keep the climate in the Canary Islands mild and pleasant roveall.

And if you live in Gran Canaria, the cloud can be a blessing. It keeps the temperatures within the pleasant range even when it's baking in the resorts. 

More than a resort

But, Las Palmas isn't a resort. It's a busy Spanish city full of life.

If you visit and it's cloudy, there's always plenty to do. 

From art galleries to museums, concerts to classy restaurants. Gran Canaria's capital has plenty to keep you busy. 

Cloudy days give you the excuse you need to go and do something other than sit on the beach.

And if you want to go to the beach on a particular day, you know that the resort beaches are just half an hour away on the bus.

Of course, when it's sunny, you have Las Canteras beach right on your doorstep.

Despite the odd cloudy day or two, Las Palmas is a warm, sunny city with a gorgeous beach and lots of other stuff to see and do.

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