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Gran Canaria Looking At A Tropical Start To Autumn

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Tropical air heading towards Gran Canaria for the start of Autumn Tropical air heading towards Gran Canaria for the start of Autumn

After a couple of weeks of sunny weather, and one day of rain so far in September, Gran Canaria could go all tropical this week to welcome the Autumn season.

Starting on Monday, September 20, we'll see dusty calima air over the eastern islands and this could well spread to Gran Canaria during the week. By Tuesday, the risk of rain showers and even rainstorms with electrical activity increases. These are most likely in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Gomera.

The cause is a mass of high-altitude air moving north towards the Canary Islands. This warm, humid air is expected to collide with a mass of cold air moving south and to create instability in the atmosphere.

The tropical air will cause higher temperatures and humidity, and the collision with colder air could even trigger some rainstorms with thunder and lightning.

We say 'could' because these tropical incidents are unpredictable. Gran Canaria may just get a few days of hot sticky weather and the od shower, but it could also experience some proper weather. We'll know more as the situation develops, and will keep you posted.

For a complete guide to Gran Canaria's weather, plus a month-by-month guide of what to expect, see our weather centre here.

Alex Says: It's not exactly meteorology, but Teide had a cap of cloud this evening. Traditionally, that's always been seen as a sign of rain over the next few days. 

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