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Gran Canaria Wine Review: Award-Winning Señorio De Agüimes Dry White

Señorio de Aguimes: Best Gran Canaria wine of 2018? Señorio de Aguimes: Best Gran Canaria wine of 2018?

The 2017 Señorío de Agüimes won best Gran Canaria White wine in 2018. The bottle comes with a gold medal sticker to prove it.

Buy it in the museum at the bottom of the Guayadeque Valley for 10 euros a bottle (plus the 2.50 euro entrance fee).

But should you?

First, let's cover the good.

It's fruity on the nose, and in the mouth has decent acidity, a long aftertaste with a hit of minerals, and plenty of fruit.

The bad is that all that fruit comes from a hefty whack of Moscatel grape with its overwhelming power blast of grape and raisin flavour.

Now, there's nothing wrong with a tiny bit of Moscatel in a dry Canarian wine. Used in extreme moderation it can jazz up a Listán Blanco with a hint of fruit.

However, Moscatel is a bit like gofio. It's fine as a side dish but the last thing you want is a mouthful of the stuff on its own.

The 2017 Señorío de Agüimes is so heavy on the moscatel that its the wine equivalent of eating gofio straight from the bag.

The grape taste is overpowering and the raisin aftertaste lasts for far too long (10 minutes and counting). It's like you had Alpen for breakfast and got a raisin or six stuck in your teeth.

This is a shame because it has the underlying structure to be a decent wine.

Best wine in Gran Canaria? No way!

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