Gran Canaria Beaches: Let's Do Time Warp At Tasarte

Tasarte beach Tasarte beach

Tasarte beach is old school south Gran Canaria and isn’t going anywhere. It's a long drive but when you arrive, it's like Playa del Inglés never even existed.

Tasarte beach is a 700-metre strip of big but rounded pebbles although you get a strip of volcanic sand at the east end at low tide. The sea here tends to be calm but watch out if there's a south swell.

The Barranco de Tasarte is one of the island's most pristine and the whole area around the beach is undeveloped apart from a few houses, a beachfront restaurant and lots of mango and papaya orchards on the valley floor. Check it out on Google Street View

Tasarte now has a hostel called Bla Bla Bla so you can stay about ten minutes walk from the beach and surrounded by nature. It's between Tasarte village and the sea at El Lomito; Look out for the banana plants overhanging the road. 

Restaurante Oliva by the beach is something of a local legend; Beer is cheap, the paella and ropa vieja de pulpo (chickpea stew with octopus) are excellent and the setting is laid back and low key. On calm days, the owner sometimes runs a boat service to small beaches and bays along the coast that are only accessible from the sea. Arrive early and ask. 

Alex says: If you are upset that Tauro beach is about to be developed, then Tasarte is the place to go for chilled out beach vibes and cold beer by the sea. 

There are no public facilities at Tasarte beach, although you can use the restaurants toilets if you buy a beer.

Get to Tasarte beach by driving along the GC 200 road past Veneguera until you see a turnoff for the GC 205 road to Tasarte village. Head down to the village and follow the road all the way to the sea. The drive is just under 10 kilometres and all but the last bit is on the tarmac.

To get the bus to Tasarte, your only option is the Line 86 bus that goes all the way down the Tasarte road to Playa de Tasarte; One kilometre from the beach. Line 38 takes you to the Cruze de Tasarte but you are still 10 kilometres from the beach. 

Additional Info

  • Lifeguard: No
  • Calm water: Yes
  • You're sitting on: Pebbles
  • Sand colour: Volcanic black
  • Looks best at: Sunset
  • Nudist: Yes
  • Hippy rating: 8
  • Disabled Access: Access is via a long track and there are no disabled facilities or easy water access.


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