Amadores Beach: Gran Canaria's Half-moon Holiday Paradise

Amadores beach in south Gran Canaria Amadores beach in south Gran Canaria

The blue water and white sand at Amadores gleam in the sunshine and, along with the restaurants, make it the island's most popular tourist beach.

If you like your sand natural and your surroundings peaceful then this isn't your beach. But if like most people, you like a beach with plenty of facilities and life, then Amadores is perfect. 

Lex says: Amadores is the only beach in Gran Canaria where you can eat a curry right by the sand. Head to the Happy Valley on the west side of the beach.

Amadores was created with sand dredged from off the south coast when Puerto Rico beach got too crowded so it was designed to cater to sun-loving tourists. There's 800 metres of white sand, plenty of parking, a gorgeous walking path from Puerto Rico, dozens of bars and restaurants right by the sea, and more loungers and parasols that you can shake a selfie stick at. 

The beach right in the sunshine pocket in south-west Gran Canaria so it's sunny for over 320 days per year. The shallow water is calm and warms up quickly in the sunshine so it's perfect for families. Snorkelling at Amadores is surprisingly good if you swim close to the breakwaters on either side of the beach. 

Alex says: Snorkel early in the morning as the water is clearer and you'll see more fish.

 It's difficult to rate the restaurants at Amadores because there are so many choices (we're doing our best to try them all). The Ciao Ciao restaurants in the middle do great pizza and ice cream and Happy Valley does excellent Indian food. We always advise people to avoid restaurants with aggressive touts and a couple do push the boundaries at Amadores. 

For pedalos and diving, head to the pontoon at the east end of the beach. 

If the crowds at Amadores put you off, then there's an alternative just next to the beach. The upmarket Amadores Beach Club lets you lounge by the pool in style and the restaurant, while more expensive than most in south Gran Canaria, is superb. There's a fee to use the pool area (about 15 euros per day) but you can just eat at the restaurant. The Memsahib fusion restaurant is a nother upmarket option. It overlooks Amadores beach from behind the roundabout.

Getting to Amadores

Get to Amadores from Puerto Rico by walking along the safe one kilometre clifftop path that starts in the Puerto Escala marina. It takes about 20 minutes with a stop to admire the turquoise waters. You can also walk to Amadores from Playa del Cura along the dirt path that runs past Tauro beach.

Blue bus lines 1, 32 and 33 stop at Amadores all through the day. The bus stop is about two minutes walk from the beach. Amadores is only a few minutes by bus to Puerto de Mogán and Puerto Rico and about 25 minutes to Maspalomas. If you prefer taxis, then there's always plenty at Amadores beach. 

Currently, the little bus that ran up the hill to the higher parts of Puerto Rico isn't running. Ask your accommodation if they provide a courtesy bus. 

Additional Info

  • Lifeguard: Yes
  • Calm water: Yes
  • You're sitting on: Sand
  • Sand colour: Tropical white
  • Looks best at: Sunset
  • Nudist: No
  • Hippy rating: 1
  • Lat/Long: 27.790717, -15.723395
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    Tip Of The Day: Avoid Bank Card Charges By Paying In Euros

    Save money and avoid rip-off bank charges while in Gran Canaria by paying in euros when using your credit or debit card.

    Many bars and restaurants in Gran Canaria, and in almost all European holiday destinations, give you the option of paying in euros or in your home currency. Opting for your own currency, while it may seem like the safer option, can add as much as 5% to the bill as it triggers dynamic currency conversion. 

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    ATMs too

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    If you opt for the local currency option, using bank ATMs is often the cheapest and safest way of getting euros in Gran Canaria. It's far safer than having a big pile of euros hidden in your room or tucked into your shorts.

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