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The Jardín Canario: You Have To Visit Gran Canaria's Green Jewel

The beautiful Jardín Canaria in Gran Canaria The beautiful Jardín Canaria in Gran Canaria

Spain's biggest botanical garden is a beautiful refuge for the 600 unique plants that make the Canary Islands one of the world's biodiversity hotspots.

The vast garden has everything from lakes full of fish to forests, cliff paths, a cactus garden and lots dragon trees. While its main purpose is to study and protect Canarian plants, it's such a beautiful garden that everyone who comes to Gran Canaria should visit.

Almost all the plants you see as you walk around grow only in the Canary Islands and because there are almost 600 of them, there's always something in flower. Look out for the mysterious and endangered Gran Canaria dragon tree and for the dozens of different viper's bugloss flowers.

Alex says: The best time to visit the garden is in April and May when lots of plants flower but the garden is beautiful all-year round. 

Most people visit the bottom part of the garden and miss the cliff paths; It's well worth walking up the steps as there's lots of interesting stuff growing by the narrow stone paths and the views are excellent.

Other highlights include the cactus garden, the waterfall at the south end of the garden and the huge collection of palm trees. 

The Jardín Canario is open between 09.00 and 18.00 and opens every day of the year. 


Thre are two sets of toilets in the main part of the garden; One by the main entrance and the other by the wooden bridge. If you park at the top entrance, the only loo is in the Jardín Canario restaurant. 

Getting to the Jardin Canario

Most blue buses from Las Palmas up to Santa Brigida and San Mateo stop at the top entrance of the Jardín Canario. The bus stop is about 150 metres from the entrance. There is no convenient bus access to the lower entrance although a taxi from Las Palmas costs between €15-20 one way.

Parking is easiest at the top entrance by the GC 110 road as there is a car park by the gate. At the bottom entrance, along the GC 330, parking is by the side of the road (an ambitious project to expand the garden and parking areas is in the pipeline).

Additional Info

  • Lat/Long: 28.065243, -15.461638


The Jardín Canario or Canary Gardens Jardín Botánico Canario "Viera y Clavijo”
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