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Testamento: A Tenerife Malvasía That's One Of The Best

Testamento Malvasia Aromática Dry: A Classy Tenerife white wine Testamento Malvasia Aromática Dry: A Classy Tenerife white wine www.photosgrancanaria.com

This superb dry Tenerife Malvasia was the wine we chose to toast the release of Tried & Tasted: The Guide to Canary Islands Wine

Testamento Malvasia Aromática Dry is a pale, straw-coloured white from the Cumbres de Abona winery in south-east Tenerife; the same winery that makes the delicate Listán Blanco treat that is Flor de Chasna.

On the nose, it's fresh and grassy with hints of blossom and a touch of spice. As described in the bodega's notes, there's a touch of tropical mango in there and some citrus. 

In the mouth, medium-bodied with good acidity and a pleasant herbal bitterness coming through. The aftertaste is long and citrusy with a lingering blossom note.

Overall, a fresh and fragrant white wine perfect for quaffing alone or for drinking with seafood and chicken dishes. It's not robust enough to cope with mojo sauce. What wine is?

At eight euros a bottle (Carrefour) Testamento Dry is a superb expression of Canarian Malvasía. In fact, it's such good value that it rivals and even beats equivalent Lanzarote Malvasias like Vega de Yuco and El Grifo. That's good, as we don't want the Conejero wineries to rest on their laurels. 

If you're after a Canarian white that shows exactly why we make such a fuss about Canarian wines, buy this on sight. Just make sure you get a bottled that's less than two years old. 

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