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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 09:38

Gran Canaria Weather: Sunshine For Christmas

Christmas in Gran Canaria will be sunny Christmas in Gran Canaria will be sunny

After two days of autumnal weather in Gran Canaria, the sunshine is back and set to stay for Christmas.

The high pressure that shielded the Canary Islands from bad weather from the North Atlantic has moved back into its blocking position and the wind has shifted back to the east. This means Gran Canaria and the Canaries will get sunshine, warm air and maybe some calima dust over Christmas.

The showers over the last two days were strong in places; The severely misnamed town of Valleseco got 80mm of rain while San Mateo got 40mm. In the south, there was thunder and a couple of sharp showers but no significant rainfall.

Christmas temperatures will be in the mid-20s but won't get to 30ºC. Expect cool evenings and minimum night temperatures around 18ºC.