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Gran Canaria Videos

We love videos. And so does the world. We create different kinds of videos. Quick informative videos which can be about the weather and longer ones that explain things more in detail. And then there are the really beautiful ones that are just meant to please the eye and make people fall in love with Gran Canaria.

The latter type of videos are regularly picked up by TV channels and shown to very big audiences. Here are two examples:

If you only see a black box, go directly to the video by visiting it on Facebook. (Yes, it does say more than 7.6 million views, just on Facebook)


If you only see a black box, go directly to the video by visiting it on Facebook.


Throughout this website you can find a lot of videos. However, you can see them all at our Youtube channel and at our Facebook page as well. On our Facebook page you'll find more videos than on our Youtube channel, as we do quite a bit of live videos directly onto our Facebook page.


Live video

Apart from these videos, we as well create videos for our advertisers. The live video is a type of video we provide for free to our clients. Here's an example:



Professional video

Then there is the option "Professional video". It includes us coming to the clients place, and tell everybody what is special about it and why people should come and pay a visit. After recording we edit the video to have a very pleasant presentation that shows well what the client's business is all about.




Professional Plus video

We can also make a "Professional Plus video". The idea is the same as in "Professional video" but we enhance the video with a lot more images and in the end the client gets a custom little movie, that tells a story on its own.



Apart from featuring the videos on the website we take great pride in showing them off on our Facebook and Youtube channels. The videos can be used by the clients as well of course.

If you want your video or just more information, see our page about Advertising. Thank you!

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