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Thursday, 04 October 2018 15:32

Gran Canaria Shopping: Expert Tips For A Top Day At The Shops

Local shopping tips for Gran Canaria: Where to shop and what to buy Local shopping tips for Gran Canaria: Where to shop and what to buy

With low taxes and some fantastic shopping areas, Gran Canaria is a retail paradise. Here are our top tips for shopping like a local and getting the best value on the island. 

1. Hit the sales ASAP

There are two main sales periods in Gran Canaria. The first starts on January seventh because that is when Christmas ends in Spain. It lasts for up to two months. The second starts at the beginning of July and lasts until the end of August. Prices tend to be cut progressively as the sales periods go on but the best range of discounted goods is early on in the sales season. 

2. Check brand discounts online before you buy

Several Gran Canaria stores have flash sales and offer big discounts on certain products throughout the year. For example, local perfume, accessory and cosmetics chain Fundgrube has regular discounts.

Check the Fundgrube website or Facebook page for details. 

3. Head to local shopping malls for a wider range of goods

Many of south Gran Canaria's shopping centres are for entertainment rather than serious shopping. The locals shop in the island's Malls and along their main shopping streets.

Check out the top Gran Canaria shopping spots.

4. Claim your tax back if you live outside the EU

If you are a non-EU citizen or live in a non-EU country, you can claim back the 7% IGIC (Canarian VAT) tax at the airport. Just ask for a DIVA form when you are at the till (most large shops offer the service). Then take the form, your receipts and your ID to the customs desk before baggage check-in at the airport. 

5. Check local prices before you buy anything at airport duty-free shops

Duty-free shops are expensive these days and it's rare to find a lower price in the airport or on the plane than you will once you arrive in Gran Canaria. Save your cash and check local prices before you buy because you can always snap up that bargain on the way home. The cheapest tobacco and alcohol prices are often in big local supermarkets. 

6. Avoid surprises by knowing your duty-free limits

Here are your Gran Canaria duty-free allowances. If you plan to buy a lot of goods in Gran Canaria (perfume for Christmas presents, for example), check your home country's duty-free import limits so you avoid any surprises at the airport. 

7. Check prices online if a deal is too good to be true

Many goods are cheaper in Gran Canaria than anywhere else in Europe but if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. You can check realistic prices on Amazon and avoid any scams. Take particular care with sunglasses on market stalls or sold by street vendors, and always check the price of electronics (camera, tablets, laptops, etc) in small south Gran Canaria shops

In fact, don't buy expensive electronics in south Gran Canaria's small shops or anywhere that doesn't have fixed and clearly-marked prices. Get the bus to a local mall that has a Media Markt or head to Duke Fotografía in Las Palmas for cameras. You'll avoid any problems and get a better price. 

8. Stock up on perfume and cosmetics

Perfume and cosmetics in Gran Canaria are excellent value due to low taxes and high sales by good local shops. We recommend starting in Fundgrube because they have a wide range of quality brands and offer excellent value. 

9. Read our Ultimate Guide To Gran Canaria Clothes Shopping

Want to stock up on clothes in Gran Canaria to take advantage of low prices and different ranges? Then read our Gran Canaria clothes shopping guide and you'll know exactly where to go.

10. Always pay in local currency if you use your card

Some shops offer you the choice of paying in euros or in your home currency when you pay for goods with your credit or debit card. ALWAYS choose to pay in euros because you get a much better exchange rate. The same applies when you use an ATM machine anywhere in Gran Canaria; Always choose the euro option. 

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