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Thursday, 12 February 2015 16:48

Gran Canaria Shopping: Where To Buy Quality Electronics

Gran Canaria is an excellent place to buy electronics if you know where to shop Gran Canaria is an excellent place to buy electronics if you know where to shop

We often get asked if it's safe to buy expensive electronics, such as cameras and mobile phones, in Gran Canaria. Our answer is yes, provided that you go to reputable shops and follow the same precautions as you would at home. 

Great prices, same rights

Electronics prices in Gran Canaria are excellent since the island have a low sales tax of just 7%. It makes most goods a minimum of 10% cheaper than they are in Spain or in most parts of Europe. Expect prices on big-ticket items such as cameras to up to 20% cheaper than in Europe

Whatever you buy, remember that Gran Canaria is in the EU and that you have the right to a receipt and guarantee papers that cover you in Europe.

Too good to be true?

If you come across a deal that's too good to be true, then you have to ask yourself how it's possible. This applies as much to sunglasses sellers on the streets as to high-end products in shops.

It's easy to check if you are getting good value for money. Go online and look up the item on Amazon or any big e-tailer. Don't expect the shop to match the price exactly but online prices are a good indicator of value.

WARNING: Don't buy electronics in Puerto Rico Shopping Centre or Puerto de Mogán 

We very rarely put negative content on our website, but we have received several complaints about the small electronics shops in Puerto Rico shopping centre and Puerto de Mogan.

There may well be reputable electronics shops in these areas, but there are simply too many stories of dishonest practices in these shopping areas to ignore. We've heard many stories of overcharging, fake goods and false promises.

Really, just don't do it. You will be scammed!

Alex says: We hate being negative but the Puerto Rico and Mogán shops are just not worth the hassle. Boycott them until they are forced to be honest. For more info on electronics shops in Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán, see this TripAdvisor forum thread.

 What to buy

 Almost all branded electronics are great value in Gran Canaria. As photographers, we know that dSLR cameras and lenses are often cheaper here than anywhere else in Europe. The shops also get them early and discount quickly. The same applies to mobile phones and video cameras. 

For pro and prosumer cameras there really is only one place to go...

Cameras? Just  go to Duke Fotografía

For cameras in Gran Canaria We advise you to go straight to Duke Fotografía in Las Palmas. This excellent camera store is where we buy our camera equipment in Gran Canaria. 

It stocks an excellent range of consumer, prosumer and professional standard cameras from the top brands and an excellent range of accessories.

For consumer "point-and-shoot" cameras head to Worten in the Atlantico Centre in Vecindario, El Mirador on the motorway into Las Palmas and El Muelle in Las Palmas. Or Media Markt in Las Terrazas (also on the motorway into Las Palmas) and Las Arenas. 

Electronics: Head to MediaMart, Wortens or Carrefour

These three large retailers have a good selection of electronics on sale and their prices are often better than comparable shops in Europe.  

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