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Tuesday, 23 February 2016 16:35

Macaronesian Gin: An Authentic Canarian Treat Made With Local Ingredients

Macaronesian gin distilled in the Canary Islands with local botanicals Macaronesian gin distilled in the Canary Islands with local botanicals

Lava-filtered water, native juniper berries and sun-kissed Canarian citrus peel make Macaronesian a new and delicious local spirit. 

While it may seem odd to make gin on islands that have a good claim to be the home of rum, it actually makes a lot of sense; Many of the botanicals used to flavour gin occur naturally in the Canary Islands. 

Tenerife's forests are home to plenty of juniper trees, the island is famous for its tasty lemons and oranges, and the water used to make Macaronesian is collected from underground galleries after filtering through plenty of mineral-rich lava rock.

The result is a smooth, fruity gin with fresh herbal hints from island juniper and cardamom. It's ideal as a first drink in the evening, especially if you are standing on the balcony watching the sunset.

As a fresh, almost delicate gin, Macaronesian is best mixed with tonic or as part of a simple cocktail. It doesn't deserve to be served in one of those giant goldfish bowl concoctions with half an allotment floating in it.

Macaronesian gin comes in a white, ceramic bottle inspired by the vintage bottles of genever that were sold in pharmacies. It sells for around 22 euros in Gran Canaria supermarkets; Not cheap but great value for a premium spirit.

Buy it in large local supermarkets all over the Canary Islands as well as specialist delicatessens and quality souvenir shops, or ask for it in bars and restaurants.

Alex says: Macaronesian is distilled in Tenerife by Destileria Santa Cruz, the makers of Santa Cruz rum.