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Las Canteras, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Guide

If you want to find out about Gran Canaria, your first stop should be our (Tourist) Guide. Gran Canaria is the perfect island on which to spend your holiday. A multi-faceted destination, you can enjoy many features you normally wouldn't find in such a small area.

Las Canteras, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Photos & Video

We've got thousands of professional Gran Canaria photos for you to enjoy, from nature to nightlife, accommodation to beaches and excursions.

Enjoy our galleries!

Lighthouse of Sardina

Gran Canaria Agora

Looking for that special place to make your holiday even more perfect? We've got them all in our "Agora", a luxury version of the Yellow Pages. All organisations or businesses that are related to Gran Canaria are listed on our Agora, with interactive maps, photos, videos and of course contact details. You can immediately see what other people thought of them too.

Las Canteras, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Forum

Lots of volunteers are helping out to answer any question you might have related to your holiday on Gran Canaria. Or maybe you're planning to live on Gran Canaria? Check our forum out!

Rural accommodation on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Accommodation

Soon we'll open up our Accommodation section, where you'll be able to book hotels, apartments, villas and rural accommodation straight from the owners for the best prices. Until then, just visit our Directory's Accommodation part.

Huerto de las Flores, Agaete, Gran Canaria

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If you've got something to sell or if you're renting out property or so, just go straight to our Classified Ads. It's completely free to place your ad. And obviously, if you're looking for a bargain, a second hand turbo drill running on sunflower oil, it's your place too!

Gran Canaria sunset

Gran Canaria Weather

Gran Canaria enjoys the world's best climate. As one of the seven islands of Eternal Spring, it's almost never too hot or too cold on Gran Canaria. With an average temperature of 24º Celcius, you can be sure to enjoy being outside, no matter what season.

Splash in the ocean between Puerto Rico and Amadores

Gran Canaria News

Stay updated on what's happening on Gran Canaria. We pick the important news stories and place them on our site in English. Not just the tourism related stories, as well stories that are interesting for residents. If you like Gran Canaria, you just might want to know what's keeping people on the island busy.


Welcome to Gran Canaria Info

Melenara Beach in Gran Canaria is sunny and famous for its seafood restaurants.
Melenara Beach in the east of Gran Canaria

Melenara Beach is a popular local beach with great seafood restaurants. It is far enough south to escape the cloud that often sits over the north east coast and is the best beach close to the large towns of Telde and Vecindario. Melenara gets no tourists because it's sand is brownish and there are no direct bus links to the resorts.

You can smell the seafood here before you get to the sand and the locals flock to Melenara Beach to chow down on fried fish and heaps of squid. The line of fish restaurants behind the sand knock out excellent seafood at low prices and with lashings of mojo. Like all good Canarian restaurants the focus is on big portions of good food rather than décor  Expect plastic chairs, makeshift roofs and impatient waiters. Oh and bloody tasty grub.

Melenaras Beach is artificial, or at least enhanced. It's a bit of a mystery why they chose to use dark sand rather than white or golden sand as it could have been a tourist beach with the right coloured grains. Maybe Telde wanted to keep its favourite beach local and not share the calamares!

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It doesn't rain often in Gran Canaria but there is plenty to do even it it does.
Rain in Gran Canaria and how to deal with it

It's raining in Gran Canaria at the moment but that doesn't mean you need to cancel your holiday or sulk in your room. The chances are there will be sunshine between the showers and plenty of sunny days, especially in the resorts. Even if you are unlucky enough to get a cloudy, wet week, it is warm in Gran Canaria in October and November and there is plenty to keep you occupied. 

Gran Canaria sells itself to tourists as a sunshine destination where good weather is guaranteed. So on the rare occasions when it rains the island always has mixed feelings. Rain is great for Gran Canaria because our farmers, shepherds and forests need it, but it makes everyone feel a bit guilty. There is nothing worse than having to promise bedraggled visitors that it will be sunny "mañana".

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Las Palmas is becoming a popular stop-off for cruise ships.
Las Palmas: A Popular cruise ship stop

What to do with your time during a stop off in Las Palmas on a cruise ship? Here's the lowdown on how to get the most out of the city in a short time. 

Las Palmas is becoming a major stop off point for cruise ships. In one week in October 2012 23,000 cruise ship passengers will be wandering about. While some don't get past the fast food restaurants in the shopping centre by the dock, Las Palmas is a cool city and it's well worth spending the day seeing its highlights.

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The Canary Islands get record numbers of tourists in September
Happy tourists everywhere in the Canary Islands
Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands hosted near-record tourist numbers in September 2012. In total 750.780 people came to the Canaries, down 0.4% on last year. The only island to see a rise in numbers was Gran Canaria, with 13.309 more tourists than September 2011. The Canary Islands accounted for 12% of total tourist numbers in Spain. So far this year 7.37 million people have come on holiday to the Canary Islands. 

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Las Palmas' hugely impressive container port

The next time you go shopping in Europe there is a good chance that your purchases spent a couple of days in the Canary Islands on their way from factory to shop. Ships from Africa, Europe and the Americas stop here and drop off cargo that is then reloaded onto other ships and taken to its destination. The Canary Islands have been the Atlantic link between three continents for 500 years and it is fantastic to see that we still are.

Canary Content were privileged this week to get a guided tour of the largest container operation in the Las Palmas port. OPCSA is a private company that handles containers from 74 ports in Europe, Africa and the Americas. Ships arrive every day, some carrying over 15,000 containers, unload and reload, stock up on provisions, and head back out out to sea.

OPCSA dock from Alcaravaneras Beach

It's a seamless operation and hugely impressive. We watched one huge ship leave just five minutes after OPCSA finished loading containers onto its colossal deck. Before the next one docks the logistics guys at OPCSA already know where every container it carries is going to go. 

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Cherimoya fruit on sale in a Gran Canaria market
Cherimoyas signal the start of autumn in Gran Canaria
 laura padgett

We need all the help we can get telling when the seasons change in Gran Canaria. The first cherimoyas or custard apples (also chirimoyas) have hit the fruterias so Autumn must be on its way. While they look green and boring, Mark Twain called them "the most delicious fruit known to men".

About the size of an apple with knobbly, green skin cherimoyas have rich, white flesh that tastes a bit like bubble gum, with hints of banana and pineapple.  The texture is creamy and slightly grainy. Cherimoyas are tart enough not to be sickly.

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