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First of all: whatever it is you'd like to add to our directory, if it's not Gran Canaria related, don't bother! We won't add it. And as all submissions are checked by the Gran Canaria Info team before publishing them, it won't be beneficial for us and surely a waste of time for you too. Thank you.

What can be added?

The short answer: everything that is related to Gran Canaria. So if you have a bar or a shop in Puerto Rico or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, go ahead and add it to our directory. If you run the "Free the poor pussycats of Arguineguín" organisation, you can go ahead too. If you're a Hungary based travel agency that specialises in travels to Gran Canaria, and for example have a dedicated Gran Canaria webpage for it on your website, go ahead and add it.

However, if you list world wide accommodation and have a booking engine for all hotels on the planet, including a few on the Canary Islands, forget it. That's not specific enough. But, if this company is based in Playa del Inglés and your mainly selling to people on Gran Canaria, in that case yes, we'd like you on board.

How do I add my listing?

1First of all: you need to be registered to be able to add your listing. So if you haven't done so already, go ahead and fill out the registration form. Once submitted, you'll receive an e-mail with further instructions. It will only take a few minutes. 

2Once registered, in the menu on the top you'll find a extra menu option, which says "Add new entry". Click on it.


The form you see needs to be filled out. The text you find here down below, is just meant to help you if you don't understand something about the form. You don't *need* this text. Just fill out the form and hit 'Send'. If however, you don't understand something about the form, read the following text too.

maximizeNow: before continuing, try 'maximizing' your browser window. That is, make the current browser screen fill the screen. Often, by clicking on an icon similar to this one in the corner of your browser:

(You have to do this so the Google map later on will work as expected.)

Then you can start filling the fields.

  • Province is probably "Las Palmas" and Country "Spain".
  • You'll have to provide us with an e-mail that goes with this listing, however, you can choose to have it made public or not by setting "E-mail visible" tot Yes or No. If you chose Yes, the e-mail will be shown but encrypted so spiders looking for mail addresses to add to spam lists for example won't be able to 'see' it.

  • At 'Website' fill out the URL of the website that belongs to this listing if there is one, exactly as is visible in the address bar in your browser, so if you own, fill it in as

  • The "Short description" is what people will read when they're looking at search results or categories views. In other words, when you appear on a page with other listings, this what they'll see. Once they open your 'detailed' page, they'll get to see the Long description, together with your photos etc. That is when your listing fills the page and there is no other listing visible. Use the description fields wisely, it is where you can tell our interested visitor about you, so use it well and be honest.

    v-card - click for an example detailed - click for an example

    Overview V-card type listing

    Detailed listing with photos and interactive map


  • Google map

    Make sure you've maximized your current browser window if you haven't done so already.

    Click on a location on the map and the system will fill in the latitude and longitude in the input boxes above the map automatically. Do use the tool on the left to zoom in (click the plus sign) and you can drag to the desired location. Get as close as necessary (zoom in) and your final click will be stored. Try to be as precise as possible, visitors will use it as a reference. As well, they'll be able to provide the sytem with their current location and Google maps will show them how to get to our place.

  • "Mainly aimed at", if you have typical Swedish restaurant with only Swedish Frikadellen and your menu card is in Swedish only, you should fill out "the Swedish" or something similar here. For people who don't know, this gives them a bit of an idea.

  • "Only for" use this if for example you run a bear only male gay bar where women and children are forbidden. Or horses or ducks, just to name something.

  • "Images Gallery": You can upload quite a few photos to show with your listing which is very important as it's what will catch people's eyes. Click on the 'Choose File' button and browse to a photo (jpg) on your pc/mac. Fill out the Image description field and hit the 'upoad' button. Repeat for more pictures. If something is wrong with your images, the system will tell you. If not, you will see your images appear right here after uploading.

  • "Non-smoking zone", if applicable, tick this box. For example if you have a 100% smoke-free restaurant or a restaurant with a smoke free zone.

  • "Logo" works just as the "Images Gallery": Click the "Choose File" button to browse to the logo of your organisation. You'll see the name appear and that's it. Once you're ready filling out the form and have hit the "Send" button, your logo will be uploaded to the Gran Canaria Info site.

  • "Meta keywords": fill out with keywords that apply to your organisation. For example "Restaurant, pancakes, sugar, San Agustín, children, jam, cream, chocolate, spinach, terras, throwing, ceiling, sticking, friendly, leather, vegetarian" etc. etc. Those words will help your listing being found. The same goes for the

  • "Meta Description", which is only there to make your listing being easier to find. You can if you want, simply copy the "Short description" in this field.

  • Now, you'll have to choose one or two categories that are best for your listing. By opening the plus sign next to a category, subcategories will be made visible after a short while. If youve found the perfect category for your listing, hit the >>> button to add the category in the screen on the right. You can repeat this with a second category is necessary.

That's it.

Hit the 'Send' button to send the information to us up for review.

Thank you!

Once we've reviewed your listing, you'll receive an e-mail. From then on, you can go to "My listing" at the Directory option in the menu on the top. That's where you can change the information you've submitted.

If you're interested in learning about the different possibilities in promoting your business on Gran Canaria Info, please check our Advertising page.

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