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Hot weather expected all week in Gran Canaria

It's unseasonably hot in the Canary Islands at the moment, and especially in Gran Canaria. The temperature is expected to reach 37 degrees Celsius this week before cooling down after May 17. After the driest winter on record, this early heatwave suggests that the summer is going to be a scorcher!

Over the weekend some of the street thermometers in Gran Canaria showed temperatures of up to 47 degrees Celsius. They tend to overheat and go a bit crazy but still, temperatures were definitely over 37 degrees.

The importance of taking notice of heat warnings in Gran Canaria was tragically underlined over the weekend: Two elderly British tourists died in two separate incidents while hiking in shade temperatures of almost 40 degrees C. One died of a heart attack, while the other fell. Several other tourists were taken to hospital after succumbing to dehydration and heatstroke.

 The Canarian government has issued a heat alert for the weekend, which it does when temperatures reach 34 degrees. There is also a bit of Calima dust in the air, which makes things worse.

The average temperature in Gran Canaria in May is between 22 and 27 degrees. That counts as very pleasant; hot, but not full-blown summer hot. It's a good month to come to Gran Canaria; the weather is normally perfect and it's not too busy in the resorts.

One event that the temperature was always unlikely to affect was the Gay Pride Parade in Playa del Inglés. Gay Pride is a celebration of diversity these days, rather than a political march, and is always good fun. Thousands of people fly out especially for the event and there is no way they will let a bit of heat stop them from partying away.

At high temperatures, and especially in the dry heat of calima weather, you can dehydrate in an hour. Never go hiking during yellow or orange heat alerts, and take at least a litre of fluid per hour of walking if you walk in the sun. The best place to be during a calima is either in the sea or in a swimming pool!

More photos and info about Gran Canaria on the Sunshine Gran Canaria Facebook Page.

Post about the 2012 Maspalomas Gay Pride Parade

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