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To visit the Charco Azul is relatively easy. You don't need hiking experience, as it's just a short and easy walk to get to from the road. "El Charco Azul" (the blue pond or blue lake) is a small pond that most months of the year contains enough water to call it a pond (or a small lake) in the North West of Gran Canaria.

It's in the valley of El Risco, and you'll find El Risco between La Aldea and Agaete, very near to Agaete.

Here's El Charco Azul on the map:

How to get there

el-charco-azul-001 To get there, just walk up in the village (El Risco) and look for signs. The beginning of the path is not hard to find, but if you can't find it, just ask any person you see, they'll point you to the path. Pronounciation is something like "charco azool" (or charcoal azulu, but than without the 'l' in charcoal and the last 'u' in azulu.)

You can get to El Risco by car, or by bus as well. Check the webpage for the busses between Agaete and La Aldea.

If you're planning to go there, afterwards, please let us know with a comment here what you thought. Thanks!



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