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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 05:35

Gran Canaria Weather: A Glorious Week Coming Up

Gran Canaria expects sunshine this week Gran Canaria expects sunshine this week

31.05.2016 Summer has started and most of Gran Canaria should be under a blue dome this week.

South Gran Canaria and the resorts can expect blue skies all week as the Trade Wind will be strong enough to blow away any clouds that form. Wednesday morning may be cloudy to start off but the sun will get through in the end. 

North Gran Canaria will get some cloud in the mornings, but it should burn off during the day. The afternoons will be warm and sunny.

Up in the highlands, there will be a band of cloud over the north up to about 1500 metres, but the rest will be hot and sunny. Take water and start early if you plan to walk.

The sea this week should be calm all around the island and especially in the south. For surf, head to the north coast.