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A new cheese, wine and craft shop at Las Lagunetas puts the sleepy highland village right on the Gran Canaria tour map.
When we found a waterfall just a few minutes from popular Tejeda village, we had to put on our flip flops and go check it out.  Here's what we found...
Canarians live on gorgeous islands in the middle of the ocean and are as relaxed as you'd expect them to be. 
With over three million tourists visiting Gran Canaria every year and less than a million locals, you'd think Canarians would be used to the crazy things their guests do.
Great Gran Canaria videos published during April 2016. See the best ones from March here. 
Here are the best Gran Canaria videos posted on the internet so far in March 2016.
A Gran Canaria guide for first-time visitors with links to the most useful pages on the website, including all the best resorts, beaches and things to do. Once you've read them, you'll know exactly what you want to do during your first visit to Gran Canaria. 
March 02, 2016: Six must-see Gran Canaria videos released this week; All in one convenient place.
   Gran Canaria beautiful when you look at it from the beach, but here's a selection of videos that show that there's far more to see.
February 2016: Five great Gran Canaria videos publish this month, all in one convenient place.
Even in Gran Canaria, you can't get a suntan in prison so here's how to stay on the right side of the law during your visit.
We see these mistakes in guidebooks, blogs and the press all the time and we say ENOUGH!
Crime is rare in Gran Canaria and avoiding scams and rip-offs is often a question of common sense. However, scammers do operate in Gran Canaria so here's how to stop them getting their hands on any of your money. 
It doesn't need to be Valentine's Day for you to do any of these romantic Gran Canaria activities with your partner.
Gran Canaria and the Canary islands may be hot and sunny but they are free of all infectious diseases like malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika virus.
As a visitor you'll never know if you offend a Canarian; Their laid-back nature and years of dealing with tourists being everything from culturally insensitive to jaw-droppingly rude mean that the locals are masters of just letting it go. 
There's more to Gran Canaria than getting a golden tan by the pool; Here're 14 things that glisten in Gran Canaria and really are golden. 
If sitting in the sun isn't your idea of fun, how about turning your Gran Canaria holiday into a learning experience? Here's a list of some of the best educational options...
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